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Out of date

This page is currently not under active development (as of June 23rd 2020), except for occasional software releases under the software page, and updates of my tools.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email

Stopper! for Mac OS 9?

Stopper for OS9

For those who don't know; I am a software developer by hobby and by profession. And I am also a computer nerd, loving older computers and operative systems. It just so happened that I recently got myself a PowerBook G4 Titanium from 2001. In my opinion it is one of the best computers Apple has ever made, and it was the first computer to use the design that is used even in today's unibody MacBooks.

This PowerBook is also one of the last computers from Apple who is able to run Mac OS 9 natively, so of course I wanted to experiment with it. And one of the things I did was to port my stopwatch tool Stopper to the 17 year old OS. Why you might ask? Why not!

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New versions of WorkDay and Stopper

Workday Logo

So this happened: I have released some updates of my WorkDay and Stopper software. In WorkDay I fixed an issue with the time separation of the system clock being changed from : to . in some locales. This affected WorkDay on Windows 10, as well as on Mac OS X El Capitan, and possibly Yosemite.

The Mac version of Stopper has been updated to support OS X' built-in notification system. I have not updated the Stopper version of older OSX, as these systems doesn't support notifications.

If you wanna give it a try (and I'm sure you will), head over to my Software page!

New WorkDay! Out now!

WorkDay logo

A new version of WorkDay, version 0.3.0, is now released! What's new, you ask? Have a look:

  • New in this version (0.3.0, October 4th 2015)
  • First Beta-release!
  • The program now checks for updates.
  • Projects: Now you can assign projects/categories to you workdays!
  • Minor changes in UI and code.
  • Bugfixes!

Download it here!

New version of Stopper: Out Now!

Stopper logo

A new version of the fabulous stopwatch and timer software has hit the internet this very evening! The new version, 1.1.5, which, to be fair, has been available for Chrome OS since 5th of July, is now also available for the Mac!.

New features includes manual entry of timer time, and timers that lasts for almost 17 days!

Get it from here!

PS! A Windows and a Linux version is in the works ;)

New version of WorkDay (again)

A new version of WorkDay has been released!

  • New in this version (0.2.3, 27th 2015)
  • Small bugfixes.
  • Now shows and prints how many days you have worked.
  • UI-Improvements (Windows Version)

Why don't give it a try and download it from here: Software > WorkDay

WorkDay for Windows

WorkDay logo

It's been one week since I started developing WorkDay, and I have now released the alpha version for Windows! It is based on the same source code as the Mac version, and should be functionally identical to it.

So give it a try here: WorkDay

If you find a bug in the Windows version, please comment this blog post with info about it.

WorkDay! New piece of software

WorkDay logo

Yep, this is english. I have just released a new application. It's called WorkDay, and it is a time recorder, much like good old-fashioned time recorders.

WorkDay turns your computer into a time recorder. It is designed to mimic the functionality of a traditional time recorder used to track the hours worked by an employee in a company, but can be used to serve many different purposes.

So please, check it out right here!

Stopper! - Now for Mac!

Stopper logo

Do you have a Mac? If so, Stopper, my stopwatch and timer utility, is now available as a Mac Application! It can be downloaded for free! Click "Les mer" to read more.

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Stopper logo

Trenger du en stoppeklokke eller timer til din datamaskin? Trenger du det ikke, men liker å prøve ny programvare? Har du en Chromebook? Liker du ting som er gratis? Da bør du prøve Stopper, "the ultimate stopwatch and timer utility!". Det er nemlig jeg som har laget den (insert self advertising here).

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