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Please note that this page is currently out of date, and is only here for archival purposes.

I design and develop software for a variety of platforms. Here are some applications I've created.

Also check out for small free tools I've made for myself

Ardio Logo


Ardio is a simple and easy Internet radio player for norwegian internet radio channels. Use Ardio to listen to music, news, etc. on the go, in the car or at home. Use Ardio instead of buying a DAB adapter or a DAB radio when the FM broadcasting network closes.

Current Release: 3.0.3 (June 29th 2021, iOS & Android), 1.3.3 (May 12th 2019, macOS, Linux and Windows)
Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Linux and Windows

Workday Logo


WorkDay Time Recorder is a time recording application that turns your computer into a time recorder. It is designed to mimic the functionality of a traditional time recorder used to track the hours worked by an employee in a company, but can be used to serve many different purposes.

Current Release: 0.3.2 Beta (March 18th, 2016)
Platforms: macOS and Windows

Stopper Logo


Stopper is a simple, yet powerful stopwatch and time-taking application. The original application was created in Java, but in 2014 the whole application was rewritten to native applications for Chrome, Mac OS X and Windows, and a lot of new functionality was added. The Windows version is not yet released.

Current Release: (Mac OS 9, August 2016), 1.1.6 (Mac OS X, March 16th 2016), 1.1.5 (Chrome, June 5th 2015)
Platforms: Chrome OS, macOS, Mac OS 9

f_ Cms Logo

f_ CMS

f_ CMS is a simple, small footprint (only 246 kilobytes) single-user content management system written mainly in PHP. The system was created as a university assignment, but have been in continuous development since. It supports features such as blogposts/newsfeed, comment system, static pages, menu editor, categories, image galleries, upload manager, and other things you would find in a simple CMS system. This webpage created entirely with f_ CMS.

Current Release: 0.4.2 Beta (April 22th, 2017, not publicly available yet)
Platforms: HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL