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Please note that this page is currently out of date, and is only here for archival purposes.

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Stopper is a simple, yet powerful stopwatch and time-taking application. The original application was created in Java, but in 2014 the whole application was rewritten to native applications for Chrome, Mac OS X and Windows, and a lot of new functionality was added. The Windows version is not yet released.

Features of Stopper

System requirements

Chrome OS: A Google-account to download Stopper from the Chrome Webstore. Should work on all Chrome devices running version 36 or newer.

Mac OS X: An Intel-Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer. A separate download for older versions of OS X is available, but not officially supported.

Mac OS 9: Yes, it is actually now available for the classic Mac OS. It requires at least Mac OS 8.6 and a PowerPC processor. This version is not supported though, it was just made for fun.


Download for Chrome OS (v. 1.1.5)

Download for OSX 10.7 or newer (v. 1.1.6, Recommended)

Download for older versions of OSX (v. 1.1.5, not recommended on newer Macs)

Download for Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 (v.


Chrome screenshots Mac screenshots Windows screenshots
Screenshots from Mac OS 9

Known bugs

On OS X:
In the "older OS X"-version, when clicking on a menu item, or holding down a button in the window, the stopwatch and timer will freeze until the menu or button is unselected/released. This does not affect the "Lion and newer"-version.

If you are using OS X Maverics or newer, make sure to right-click on the app icon, select Get Info, and make sure that "Prevent App Nap" is checked.

On Chrome OS:
The stopwatch will not work properly when the application is minimized. This is due to a "feature" in Chrome OS to prevent inactive applications to consume system resources. It does however not affect the timer.